Having smelly feet is a nuisance which no one likes to bear as it is an embarrassing situation which cannot be wished away. The good news is that this is a condition that can be overcome by taking simple but effective steps to manage the condition. Science has proven to us that our feet contain close to half a million sweat glands which are more than enough to raise concerns on the primary cause of smelly feet which is trapped sweat. To tackle the root cause of all the sweat which gets trapped as you move around you must;

1. Place extra attention to the hygiene of your feet

For most people, our feet are never given the right care as we do to our faces or other body parts. It is essential to invest in a good antibacterial soap which has to be used every day to wash your feet thoroughly. Every inch of your feet is to be carefully cleaned taking to account commonly ignored areas like the space between your toes.

On the same note, you have to invest in a good foot scrub which contains essential oils and a foot file which comes in handy for the removal of dead skin. A rule of the thumb is always to ensure that after washing your feet you completely dry them up to get rid of all moisture that leads to fungal infection.

2. Frequently soak your feet in warm salty water or vinegar

Besides the necessity for daily washing of your feet, you must set aside time to have a good soak in salty water. This DIY remedy has been proven to be very effective as the salt or vinegar not only removes the bacteria and loose skin it also sucks any wetness from the skin. Always take at least 15 minutes with your feet in the water before proceeding to wash it thoroughly and dry it with a clean towel.

3.    Invest in good pairs of 100% cotton socks which should only be worn once before washing.

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