Scientifically, after the age of 17, you are bound to grow the third set of molar teeth commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. These set of new teeth however often come with a lot of complications, a primary reason why dentists highly recommend their removal. If you are just starting to notice the growth of these teeth and are wondering when or why they should be removed then you should consider the following factors;

1.  Incorrect growth

Having a new set of molars often lead to mouth overcrowding which unfortunately cannot be rectified in any other way that removal. The limited space often leads to the new set of molars taking on unusual shapes or pushing hard on the second set of molars which opens the door to a whole line of complications.

2. Inflamed gums

If you ever notice the tissues around the new set of teeth beginning to swell, then you need urgent removal as this is a sign of inflamed gums which must be rectified before it spreads to other areas.

3. Difficulty in eating

The position of wisdom teeth often causes problems while eating which is mostly characterized by food getting stuck at the back of your mouth or pain while chewing.

4. Pain and Irritation while the new set of teeth is growing

In most cases the process of having the third molars is painless, but for some, they start to experience unbearable pain from the very onset. Over time it is not unusual to experience pain or some irritations when the teeth begin pushing against the second set of molars.

5. Promotion of cavities

Wisdom teeth are hidden at the very back of your mouth which leads to difficulties in cleaning the region. This provides a ground for bacteria to grow leading to cavities which have the potential to spread other teeth over time.  A simple solution to avoid this cycle which is a great concern for good oral health is to remove the new set of teeth and prevent any complicated cases in the future.

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